Happy New Year?

January 9, 2011


  Happy 2011 everyone. In the interim of my last writing, around Thanksgiving, my beautiful grandmother with Alzheimer’s died. I went down there to learn how to take care of her in case of emergencies and in the days following my return she passed away in the night. I am so gratified that I got […]


November 3, 2010


So thing are nice at my p/t afternoon/evening gig. I have zero responsibility, which means I’m making next to nothing. But hey, I’m finally getting a steady paycheck, and they have nice snacks and anything I could ever want to drink in the fridge so I’m golden. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from […]


October 27, 2010


OK, so how crazy is this? Because of my work with Point Blank doing hotel reservations I have gotten ANOTHER side gig as a “travel agent” for my dad’s band! They needed someone to book their travel and since I have done event and travel planning for ages my dad suggested me. Yay for nepotism! […]


October 26, 2010


So here’s the latest: Things might be ok! ┬áThe owner of my home-based business accepted my ridiculously low-ball offer to pay me to drive the business forward in her absence, AND I had an interview today and I got the permanent p/t position at a major private equity group (where I had previously temped), and […]

No Future

October 12, 2010


So I have made hundreds if not thousands of Sales calls and nothing has panned out. The few proposals I’ve done were not accepted. It has been v frustrating and disappointing. One of the main probs is that the company I’m independently contracting out to has put off getting the Website done for like 5 […]

Back to temping

September 20, 2010


Well, just a quick update. I got my LLC, started working for myself as an independent contractor to Point Blank, a hospitality consultancy, and I’ve made jack shit. So I have been temping here and there to pay the bills and not freak out that fall is fast approaching, which means the holidays are right […]

Sales is HARD

August 27, 2010


Well, I have been dilgently working away from my home job and I have absolutely bupkis to show for it. I get up, work out, make a buncha sales calls, and so far nothing has panned out. I have not made a single reservation. I have made zero dollars. I am running out of $$$ […]